Kristin Kossi is a Germany based contemporary artist. She began drawing and painting from a very early age, at the same time she also became inspired in fashion and graduated later at the Academy of Fashion Design in Hamburg, Germany. She then ascertained a great deal of experience in fashion, photography and multimedia, all of which have paved the path for her later artistic endeavour. Since 2011 she continued working solely as an artist. Kristin Kossi draws inspiration from her urban surroundings like street art, fashion and social media in the production of her unique art pieces.The creative skills and knowledge that she has gained from her past experience are quiet integral to her aesthetic process. Recent series of large scale portraits is showing the brutal expression of pure beauty which became increasingly complex, paradoxical and intense. For her, the series is not just the beautiful surface, it is more about expressive energy, about turning the inside out and the articulation of an emotional journey of self-exploration and discovery. Besides working on her large scale portrait paintings, she also enjoys producing pop art which allow her to be very experimental by using everything from graffiti stencils, spray paint to newspaper collage, markers, oil, acrylic and resin. Kristin Kossi intensely combines color, vibrancy, and a generous dose of humor to produce urban art that inspires, provokes and delights. Kristin Kossi has been featured in German and British publications and TV as an artist to watch. Her works are currently in private collections across Europe, Australia and the USA.



 I have always searched for what would be the appropriate and direct response to 21st century life. I  work with many layers of acrylic, oil and graffiti spray. Textures, light and shadow and how it plays on my subject are the main components that get the creative juices flowing. My work is about finding what comes next. Alternating between modern art and pop cultures, I create paintings working directly and urgently in response to my social environment. This kind of eye-opening art can be especially meaningful today, when it’s becoming increasingly difficult to take anything as face value. We live in a media-saturated, celebrity-obsessed society. In this ratrace we find ourselves surrounded by a circus of Hollywood celebrities, marketers, politicians, pop stars and special-interest groups—all out to convince us that their story is the one to believe. But when we pull back the curtain, we often find that what we see, is not nearly what we get. My approach as a fine artist is to draw on the power of mass media and pop culture, while repurposing its icons, imagery and techniques to deliver a more personal artistic statement. Through the use of meaningful juxtaposition and social commentary, my work is an exploration of the irony, contradiction, parallels and harmony to be found in 21st-century life. My favorite mediums are acrylic, oil, resin, photographs, newspaper and recycled & unorthodox materials. I work quickly, intuitively allowing the layering work to go where it wants to go. Its about creating illusion, dimension and depth.   A work may start in one path and quickly change direction, somewhat like how life and events change quickly. Whenever I create a piece of art my intention is to visually stimulate the observer to look deeper through the layers. My  creative process is straight forward, unmistakable, and direct. I am here to make a statement, to be a force, and to entice the viewer to think, to feel, and to be here and now. And I hope that every piece of art that you discover here enhances your life the way that they’ve enhanced mine. Kristin Kossi


23.06.2017 – 25.06.2017 |  SAVAGE | exhibition | Hamburg

09.06.2017 – 22.06.2017 | WALLS OF FAME | group exhibition | Hamburg

08.04.2017  | Woman`s Essence Show | group exhibition & Art Award | Paris


28.05.2016 | group show | ZAR Rathauskeller | Hamburg

26.05.2016 – 02.11.2016 | solo exhibition | Faces7 | East Hotel Hamburg

18.02 -19.03.2016 | solo exhibition | NEO SOUL | Greskewitz & Kleinitz Gallery | Hamburg 


03.08 -29.09.2015 | solo exhibition | Candy Crash | Hamburg  

18.04.2015 | solo show | privat soiree | GLOW | Studio K |Norderstedt


17.05.2014 | group show | Reinhard & Partner Gallery | Bayerl & Partner | Hamburg

28.03.2014 | group show | Reinhard und Partner Gallery | Galleriehaus Sprinkenhof | Hamburg

26 .04 -16.06.2014 | solo exhibition | Icons of Pop Art | Hanse-Viertel | Hamburg


10.12.13 | solo show | Fashion.Pop.Art | Gallery Claudius | Hamburg


30 .09.2012  | solo show | Innovation trifft Impression |Porsche collab.| Hamburg


Bachelor of Fashion Design at Akademy AMD, Hamburg. Focused on fashion design, as well as the theory behind fashion, textiles, art and culture.

  • Descent Russian/ West African
  • Born Ukraine 
  • Hometown Hamburg
  • Lives and works Hamburg and Cape Town  


  • Greskewitz & Kleinitz Gallery Hamburg
  • Udo Lindenberg & More Gallery Hamburg
  • Saatchi Art Gallery
  • Westbank Gallery/ London  
  • British Vogue
  • Grazia
  • Vogue
  • Die WELT
  • RTL Nord
  • Bild
  • Client 07