Brabus Rocket 1000 Pop Art


Step into the vibrant world of automotive innovation with this pop art masterpiece featuring the electrifying Mercedes-AMG GT BRABUS Rocket 1000 sports car. This stunning piece celebrates the fusion of cutting-edge technology and artistic flair, encapsulating the essence of speed, power, and style.

At the heart of this artwork lies the German tuner’s magnum opus, the BRABUS Rocket 1000, a marvel of engineering boasting an awe-inspiring 1,000 horsepower. With its sleek, aerodynamic silhouette and bold, dynamic lines, the BRABUS Rocket 1000 commands attention, exuding an aura of unbridled performance and sophistication.

Rendered in bold, vibrant colors and dynamic brush strokes, this pop art interpretation captures the electrifying energy of the powerhouse hybrid car. From its striking exhaust to its sculpted curves, every detail is accentuated. With this artwork on your wall, you can experience the thrill of pure, unadulterated power.

Acrylic, spray paint on canvas. The artwork is signed, titled and dated by Kristin Kossi 2024.
  • DIMENSIONS: 61 cm (W) x 76 cm (H) x 3,5 cm (D)
  • EDITION: original painting
  • MEDIUM:  acrylic, aerosol on canvas.
  • SUPPORT : stretched canvas, unframed
  • YEAR CREATED: 2024
  • WARRANTY: original art work delivered with a certificate of authenticity by Kristin Kossi
  • DELIVERY: fast and secure worldwide shipping.

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