Scrooge Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper Is the Hot New Currency! Money has always been the thing that makes the world go round. Scrooge Mq Duck loves money and he knows that right now in times of Corona crises there is now something more valuable than money itself. Toilet paper.

He is now stocking up with many toilet paper rolls, and he also invested in toilet paper stocks! Who knows, maybe one day toilet paper may completely overthrow money and become the international currency!?

Mixed Media on canvas, signed in front and titled at the back. Artwork comes ready to hang, certificate of the authenticity is included.


Dimensions incl. frame: 70 cm (W) x 90 cm

Edition: original

You love this artwork, but it’s already been sold?

Good news! Kristin Kossi conducts commissioned work. The artist can create a custom-made artwork for you, inspired by what you liked about the previous piece.

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