Scrooge McDuck Yoga Time

Scrooge McDuck seating in a traditional yoga pose with his eyes closed, deeply immersed in meditation. A moment of stillness amid the chaotic hues, portraying the normally bustling and money-minded duck in a state of tranquility. His iconic top hat rests gently on his head, and his hands are gracefully positioned in a meditation mudra.
Surrounding Scrooge are symbols of his wealth and success, transformed into playful pop art elements.
Scrooge McDuck, typically associated with relentless pursuit of wealth, is now on a quest for inner riches and peace of mind. The juxtaposition of his character in a serene yoga posture challenges preconceived notions, inviting viewers to contemplate the balance between material success and spiritual well-being.
Acrylic, oil stick and spray paint on canvas. The artwork is signed, titled and dated by Kristin Kossi 2024.
  • DIMENSIONS: 51 cm (W) x 51 cm (H) x 2 cm (D)
  • EDITION: original painting
  • MEDIUM:  mixed media on canvas.
  • SUPPORT : stretched canvas, unframed, ready to hang
  • YEAR CREATED: 2024
  • WARRANTY: original art work delivered with a certificate of authenticity by Kristin Kossi
  • DELIVERY: fast and secure worldwide shipping.

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