Seeds to Success

I like to think of building a business as planting a garden – a metaphor that beautifully encapsulates the journey of nurturing an idea from its inception to its full fruition.
Just as a gardener sows seeds, waters the soil, and patiently awaits the blooming of flowers, successful business start-up understand the importance of taking small, consistent steps every day, and exhibiting patience. Seed your business and plan your future the smart way 
-this vibrant painting features the beloved Bugs Bunny in a playful and unexpected scenario, sowing the seeds of success with his characteristic charm. His mischievous grin hints at the mischief afoot as he scatters these metaphorical seeds onto the fertile soil below.
Acrylic, collage and spray paint on canvas. The artwork is signed, titled and dated by Kristin Kossi 2024.
  • DIMENSIONS: 61 cm (W) x 61 cm (H) x 3,5 cm (D)
  • EDITION: original painting
  • MEDIUM:  acrylic, collage, aerosol on canvas.
  • SUPPORT : stretched canvas, unframed
  • YEAR CREATED: 2024
  • WARRANTY: original art work delivered with a certificate of authenticity by Kristin Kossi
  • DELIVERY: fast and secure worldwide shipping.

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